Financial Literacy Games Offered

Monopoly Money Management is a financial literacy education event hosted by Inspiring You to Greatness Youth Services Program. This event provides a learning opportunity for students to learn financial literacy, asset management, and negotiation. There are specific games chosen for these events that maximize students fun and learning.  Games are provided by Diamond Investing

Super Electronic Banking

What’s Different?

Get Exclusive Rewards

Each token has a matching Bank card that offers its own unique cash reward. Depending on which token you choose, you’ll get to collect a reward when you roll a certain number, land on a certain space, or purchase a certain property. 

Railroads Are Flight Spaces

Instead of purchasing a railroad, you may pay $100 to take a flight to any property on the board!

Force A Trade

Land on a Forced Trade space, and you may choose any one of your properties and immediately trade it for your choice of any one of another player’s properties.

The Banking Unit 

There’s no paper money in this game – your cards and the banking unit track your cash. Throughout the game, you’ll tap your bank card, chance card, and title deed cards, and you’ll tap your reference card if you’re the World Traveler to collect unique bonuses. Always tap a card barcode-side down. Lay it flat so that it covers the banking unit as shown. When you tap a card correctly, you’ll hear a confirmation sound related to that action. If you don’t hear a sound, try tapping again.

How to Win!

Move around the board buying as many properties as you can, collecting rent and rewards along the way. The game ends when all properties have been purchased. Then the play with the most cash wins!

Voice Banking

What’s Different?

Ride the Rails

Instead of purchasing the railroads, take a ride! Mr. Monopoly will send you to a random property space, where you’ll have a chance to buy that property, put it up for auction, or pay rent if it’s already owned.

Forced Trades

Land on Trade space, and you may pay $100 to choose any one of your undeveloped properties and immediately trade it for your choice of any one of another player’s undeveloped properties!

Build Hotels Faster

With Mr. Monopoly as your Banker, you can put up buildings faster than ever! Skip the Houses and go right for the Hotels! You can build one House or one Hotel per property. Since quick building is tough work, you can’t sell back Houses or Hotels once they’re up, so build wisely.

The Get Out of Jail Free Card

This is the only physical Chance or Community Chest card in the game and is the coveted key to getting out of Jail for free! All other cards are managed by Mr. Monopoly via the banking unit and are referred to as Chance cards.

Auctions Hosted by Mr. Monopoly

When you don’t want to buy a property, you must auction it, and Mr. Monopoly will help! All players may bid by pressing their token’s button, and the price goes up by $50 with each bid. Mr. Monopoly will award the highest bidder the Title Deed and subtract payment from their account

The Banking Unit

To use the banking unit during the game, press your token’s button. After you hear a beep, say one of the commands listed on the right and on your reference card.

How to Win!

Move around the board buying as many properties as you can. The more you own, the more rent you collect. The player with the most money and the highest property value at the end of the game wins.

Monopoly Speed

What’s Different?

Monopoly Rivals

What’s Different?