Housing Application

Application Requirements

In order to be considered, each applicant must meet the following criteria:

    1. Applicant must be employed for 24 consecutive months in the same line of work.
    2. Applicant must be at the same residence or same county for 24 consecutive months.
    3. Applicant must have at least $3,500 in reserves & gross more than $38,000.00 on 2020-22 tax returns. 
    4. Applicant must have at least a 640 credit score & be willing to re-establish new credit accounts if needed.
    5. Applicant must complete First Time Buyer Education Training The Pathway To Home Ownership Certified Home Buyer Educational Platform to become a Certified Home Buyer in order to obtain a home from Inspiring You To Greatness CDC.
    6. Applicant must pay application fee  of $125 and $100 per class for seven classes for a total of $825.
    7. Applicant must submit a Pre-Approval from an Approved Lender to enter the Fast-Track Program taking three-five classes per month for three months otherwise Applicant will be on the Anniversary Date Program taking one class per month for the duration of twelve months.
    8. Applicant must select from the five (5) donated home designs OR pay the custom design fee of $1,270 to design a custom home. Any changes consisting of adding items over $500 or moving walls is considered a custom design.
    9. Applicant understands if they do not want to participate in The Pathway To Homeownership they may purchase their own lots. Cost: Townplex (Half-Duplex) Lot - $56,000. Single Family Residence Lot - $65,000. Premium Lots $78K - $102K. 
    10. Applicant understands for participating they will receive: A IYTGCDC P2H Bag, Journal, Pen, Printed Book for each class, hot meals at each class, and as a result; no refunds are given for classes. If Client completes sessions and is not approved; they will not have to repeat courses and will have first priority over any new developments; but if Applicant cancels for a reason in agreement with the cancellation policy; Applicant understands they will receive their application fee back in full.

*Upon completion of The Pathway To Homeownership housing courses applicant will receive Education credit of $1,000 at closing as well as a lot credit based on need.

Home Information

Employment History

Include paid, volunteer, and intern positions

Required Documents

Please submit the following required documents to tsimmons@iytgcdc.org. Please include your last name and pre-approval amount in the subject line. You will be contacted within 24-48 hours of receipt of your email. Please email the following documents to the email above:

  1. HAP Letter or Voucher. (If it applies to you)
  2. Pre-approval Letter from Lender. (Please email)
  3. Essential Worker Letter, Business License, or DD214. 
  4. Verification of Employment. (Complete Authorization)
  5. Proof of funds $3,500 - Verification of Deposit.
  6. Copy of your HUD Certification - 8-hour online course for down payment assistance. (Can take after P2H Classes)
  7. Must complete all Intake Forms prior to first day of class. Documents sent via email via Docusign.