Business Alliance Group Features: Diamond Investing

Diamond Investing games listed here are not all available year round and may be offered based on the specific programs or party offered at the time. Games are put is specific categories to help players find their perfect game.

Financial Literacy, Collector’s Edition, City/State-Opoy, Monopoly with a Twist, Movies, Games, & TV, and Specialty-Opolies

Monopoly Money Management is a financial literacy education event hosted by Inspiring You to Greatness Youth Services Program. This event provides a learning opportunity for students to learn financial literacy, asset management, and negotiation. There are specific games chosen for these events that maximize students fun and learning. 

Monopoly Moments are private event that allow for a group to play a collector’s edition monopoly in a smaller session. This moment serves as a party for the players to enjoy their chosen monopoly theme. From movies, tv shows, video games, and your favorite cities our monopoly collection can host any theme you can imagine. 

Financial Literacy Games

These games are specifically designed to teach players the most effective way to manage money, obtain assets, and negotiate trades. These are not your usual Monopoly boards, so be sure your watch your money and your opponent.

Collectors Editions

The games in our Collector’s Editions are specialty games that are made for Monopoly Collectors. Games are equixially designed for their movie, comic, tv show, or game theme.


These games are themed specifically for your local city, county, or state. Our list of cities range from south Texas to north Colorado. If you would like to request the purchase of a specific city, county, or state, you can request the game on our contact us page.

Monopoly with a Twist

The games in our Twist collection are variations of the classic Monopoly game with a new spin on old rules. Each of these games have the same rules are the monopoly we all know and love, but with a bit of a Twist.

Movies, Games, & TV Monopolies

The Monopolies on this list are games all designed in the theme of your favorite movies, video games, and tv shows. From the classics to the newest premieres these games you will find on the big screen and your home tv screen.


The games in our Specialty category are specialty games that are made for just for the “opoly” of it. Every game here is a themed-opoly to be played for any party occasion.

Monopoly Mania Tournaments

Hosted by Diamond Investing and our partnering organizations to offer 3 rounds of monopoly mania to determine our Monopoly Master. Event will start with 4 games and the first and second place winners will advance to each next round. Tournaments are held once a quarter.